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An interdisciplinary designer working to convey information and ideas in a clear, compelling and insightful way.

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I spent my early career working as an in-house designer at Regional Plan Association (RPA), an urban planning non-profit operating in the New York Tri-State region around issues such as Transportation, Environment, Housing, and Economy. I produced a wide range of visual content to support research, development, and advocacy efforts. Drawing on that experience, I now work as a freelance designer taking on projects independently and supporting larger teams. I focus on layout and visualization but also explore how information translates to more engaging and interactive experiences on the web.

Information today is published in a variety of formats, each with its own advantages and constraints. I continue to develop a versatile skill set, creative style, and process that can adapt to the different types of information and outcomes, allowing me to leverage the strength of specific methods and tools but explore creative and experimental solutions through new connections.

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Each project brings a unique set of challenges. I draw on an interdisciplinary skillset along with an emphasis on planning and strategy to pursue creative, insightful, and efficient designs. The visualization of complex issues often requires close collaboration with research staff to understand the issues and how they translate for various audiences. My non-profit experience also informs how design for research and advocacy requires the ability to adapt to budgets and timeframes while not sacrificing quality.

Additional work and case studies can be found on behance.


I have experience working on a wide range of layout designs, including publications, promotional materials, and event collateral. My roles have ranged from contributor to handling the full design process and working both within a defined brand to developing custom looks. I have also leveraged my interest and experience in web design to explore how publications translate to the web leveraging interactivity, among other features.


Having worked extensively in a research environment, I have experience working with various types of data and visualizing in different formats with an emphasis on clearly surfacing insights. Each project required collaborating with staff to understand the issues and data around a topic, and aligning with organizational objectives, deliver design work directed at informing the public and policy officials. This work includes processing and charting quantitative data, illustrating processes diagrammatically.

Chart: Airport Demand
Chart: Tunnel Closure


To complement my data visualization work, I have experience working with geographic data both for more technical or data-driven maps but also to play a more supportive wayfinding role in designs. This work applies to both static maps and interactive maps on the web using tools like Carto, Mapbox, and d3.js.


Often in visualization, it is helpful to combine different visual, data, and story elements to create a more engaging but also a concise product that is more easily sharable consumed. Infographics are a great way to convey information alone but can also be a useful summary working in parallel with a larger body of research to provide an introduction and generate further interest.

Motion Graphics

Leveraging my experience in visualization and illustration, I work to produce motion content to convey information in an engaging and informative way. Video is an accessible format, quick and consistent with delivering a message, and can more clearly and more effectively complex situations. I've handled the design and production of several explainer style videos from storyboarding and visual development through animations and post-production.

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TLS Website

The web allows for a flexible and ever-expanding opportunity to display information and promote ideas. I have experience in the design and development of smaller-scale sites around organizations and initiatives, leveraging different content management systems, but also building more customized feature content in the form of interactive visualizations and publications.

4C Four Corridors

Transit Leadership Summit


Always interested to discuss new projects. Lets talk!

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